Tele-Ophthalmology and Tele-Glaucoma

Telemedicine Outreach Program

The Ophthalmology Telemedicine Outreach Program in conjunction with the New jersey Medical School Sight Savers Program conducts community screening events for vision threatening disease.

Ophthalmology Telemedicine Laboratory

A team of researchers at the telemedicine laboratory at the Institute of Ophthalmology & Visual Science conduct studies to validate new imaging technologies in order to enhance detection of vision threatening diseases.


The NJ Health Foundation grant and the DiSepio Research endowment support the laboratory  effort to enhance detection of glaucoma by developing protocols that are applied to tele-screening and tele-consultation.

Tele-Medicine Laboratory

Translational Research

Hardware and software applications for Ophthalmic Tele-Medicine 

National Meetings

More than 50 peer-reviewed publications, abstracts and presentations

Clinical Applications

Solutions to enhance detection of ocular pathology during telemedicine

Director: Dr Ben Szirth, PhD

Medical Director: Dr Albert S Khouri, MD

Tele-Medicine Research and Publications

Peer-reviewed publictions, abstracts and selected reports: 2017